For the removal of dead animals from the road or right-of-way of on County Roads (Babbitt, Clark State, Havens Corners, Kitzmiller, Morse, Reynoldsburg-New Albany, Taylor, Taylor Station, and Waggoner), contact the Franklin County Engineer's Office at 614-525-3030. 

For removal from the road or right-of-way on Township roads, contact the Jefferson Township Service Department at 614-861-2440. 

For removal from private property, please contact a private animal control company.  

What's considered to be in the "right-of-way"? Right-of-way widths vary, but in general the following apply: 

  • In subdivisions with sidewalks, the area between the curb and sidewalk is in the right-of-way 
  • For all other roads, the right-of-way typically ends at the back of the ditch