1. Residents who desire the installation of speed humps may request the Township to intiate a feasibility study by submitting a written request to the Township Service Superintendent at jgerhart@jeffersontownship.org. Requests for speed humps writing Homeowners Association regulated subdivisions must be received in writing from the Board of the Homeowners Association. Upon receipt of the relevant written request the Township Service Superintendent will work with the Franklin County Engineer’s Office to determine the speed hump study area. The speed hump study area shall include all properties that would reasonably be affected by the installation of the speed humps.
  2. The Township Service Superintendent will provide the individual or Homeowners Association requesting the feasibility study a copy of the designated speed hump study area. A petition bearing the signatures, printed name, and address of at least 60% of the property owners residing in the speed hump study area where the speed humps are requested shall be submitted to the Township before further action on the speed hump request is taken. The petition shall include a statement indicating the street name(s) that the speed humps are requested and a signature line for each resident signing the petition with their street address. Only one signature will be counted per residence.
  3. The street upon which the speed humps are to be installed shall be
    1. classified as a local street (with curb or no curb) within the current Franklin County Subdivision Regulations.
    2. residential in nature with a posted speed limit of 25 mph.
    3. determined to have a minimum average daily traffic (ADT) of 500 vehicles per day and a maximum ADT of 2,000 vehicles per day.
    4. determined to have a vertical profile (grade) of less than ten percent (10%).
  4. Local streets with ADT exceeding 2,000 vehicles per day will not be considered for speed humps. Speed humps will not be permitted for arterial and collector streets as identified by the current Franklin County Subdivision Regulations.
  5. The Township Service Superintendent will review the traffic on the street when a valid request through petitioning is made. Components of this review may include traffic counts, speed studies, and accident analysis. Alternative traffic control options will be evaluated as part of this review. The 85th percentile speed on the street where the speed humps are requested must exceed the posted speed limit by at least 5 mph in order to be considered for speed humps.
  6. The Township Service Superintendent, in analyzing the request for speed humps, shall be responsible for soliciting input from emergency services, utilities (private and public) and other key agencies. The Township Administrator may determine that the installation of speed humps on a street is not feasible due to the disruption of emergency response equipment and other essential services.
  7. When the above criteria for speed humps are met, the Township shall send out a “Speed Hump Survey” to all residents within the affected study area, as defined by the Township Service Superintendent, asking residents if they are in support of the installation of speed humps on the requested street(s). The survey will include an area indicating a “yes” or “no” vote. A minimum of 60% of the properties in the affected area must approve the installation of the requested speed humps.
  8. Existing speed humps may be removed if a petition with signatures from 60% of the affected properties is obtained, or where traffic circulation and safety concerns justify their removal as determined by the Township Administrator.