It is the objective of the service department to clear roadways in a manner that ensures public safety and the safety of our snow plow drivers, while remaining fiscally responsible in the face of rising staffing, fuel, and salt costs. The Board of Trustees has approved an updated snow and ice removal plan for the 2021/2022 winter season.

When snowfall is forecast to reach 4 inches or less accumulation per storm, the service department will plow and/or salt arterial (priority 1) roads at the discretion of the service superintendent. This includes thoroughfares (Havens, Headley, Kennedy, Mann, McOwen, Shull, and portions of Dixon), as well as the primary entry and exit roads in subdivisions. Once the arterial roads are safely passable, collector (priority 2) roads will be plowed an/or treated, taking into consideration the temperature, weather conditions and forecast, rate of snowmelt, time of day, traffic conditions, and other special circumstances. The service department intends to plow and/or treat priority 3 and 4 roads, which include lower volume neighborhood streets, on an as needed basis only during daylight hours Monday-Friday. 

Prolonged snow fall may require crews to return to priority 1 arterial roads for a "second pass" before plowing and/or treating priority 2 roads. 

All roads will be treated 24/7 when snowfall reaches 4 inches or more or to prevent/treat black ice. 

We appreciate residents' patience during snow and ice events.